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Minertech presents:


Revision B (2022.06.17)

For the 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Manic Miner Technologies 2022

Game design, graphics and coding by Erix1

Powered by NIRVANA+ by Einar Saukas


Finally… What you’ve all been waiting for: 

A game starring the red bird guarding the bridge in Jet Set Willy! 


Single key control system, freeing up your spare hand to indulge in other activities!

Incredible game physics and humorous fartlike sound effects! 

The goal: Score as many points as you possibly can! And why would I do that? you may ask… Well, let´s sweeten the deal then: If you reach 200 points, Maria herself will reward you with erotic imagery from her personal collection!

OK, now that you´re properly motivated it´s time to learn how to play this game:

- Press ‘S’ to fly up/bounce balloon into basket.

- Release ‘S’ to fly down/drop rat.

- If you miss the basket or collide with the referee you´re penalized with a red card. (Three red cards and you´re out.)

- If you can manage the technically challenging manoeuvre of dropping mr. Rat on the referee´s head, a red card will be removed.

Install instructions

Unzip and run tap-file in emulator capable of displaying Nirvana+-games.


Shaolindbrevb.zip 13 kB


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Great fun and great graphics

Pretty fun game !!! Congrats.

very nice. Love these one button games. I thought this was for the Next at first! excellent graphics.